Four-step Framework to Achieve the Goals of Your Fintech Marketing Plan

Katie Hardy
June 6, 2022

Episode 4 of the Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour Podcast gives you a 4-step framework to achieve the goals of your fintech marketing plan.


Fintech can be unpredictable. But your goals shouldn't be. Just when you think your industry moves too fast or that there's too much pressure on marketing to meet the demands of sales or even the board – that's where intelligent goal planning becomes critical. And it starts with aligning your desired outcomes to your fintech marketing plan.

In Episode 4 of the Fintech Marketing Strategy Hour Podcast, CEO of fintech marketing agency Crue, Todd Brook, takes us through a 4-step framework for defining, adjusting and achieving your fintech marketing goals. If you want to succeed in marketing a payments platform, digital bank, crypto business or venture capital, you need to map out your:

  1. One-Year Goals
  2. 90-Day Focus
  3. Strategic Projects
  4. Genius Backlog

To help you, we have a free resource called the Fintech Marketing Goal Planning Template. It serves as a guiding compass to your annual fintech marketing plan. Use this template to help you stop drowning in marketing activities and start connecting your outputs to revenue.

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