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Turning complex challenges into transacting customers

With over a decade of success driving growth for fintechs, we understand the complexities you face and the speed of the industry. So we constructed a dedicated team of specialists who speak your language and have a track record of acquiring active customers.

Acquisition, IPO, or increasing market share, Crue is the trusted growth partner for top fintech brands


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We know what you're navigating

Beyond needing quality leads with a limited view of attribution, keeping pace with the product team, meeting the demands of sales, and preparing for an acquisition or IPO ... we imagine you’re also facing the challenges of:

  • Disrupting a category, or even creating one
  • Eyeing how to scale for global markets
  • Integrating equity from a recent acquisition
  • Targeting a skeptical developer class
  • Positioning a complex product
  • Increasing market share in a new vertical

That's where your Crue comes in

Defining success not just to the SQL, but to the transaction. Arming devs to influence financial decision makers. Expanding into new markets, domestic and international. We have the experience to maintain speed and agility with these challenges, without losing sight of outcomes along the way.


Route™ – Our client-centered approach to maximizing your marketing investment and mitigating waste


$1.2 billion IPO calls for runway of scaling value and optimizing return with new global website and invigorated paid program

The Ask:
  • Fuel growth ahead of IPO
  • Improve conversion rate
The Actions:
  • Reconfigured global bottom-of-the-funnel media strategy, including overhauling paid search program
  • Fully enhanced global website with a persona-driven approach, elevated CTAs, more aligned content, unified brand voice & tone
The Results:
improvement in cost-per-approved merchant
increase in average monthly approved merchants
Cut costs of media
investment by 5%
Supported WorldPay
integration of SecureNet

$875 million PayPal acquisition requires expanding global reach, and even tougher, winning the hearts of developers

The Ask:
  • Position the company for acquisition
  • Expand reach
The Actions:
  • Build awareness outside of Ruby development community, extending to financial leadership in companies
  • Increase transaction volume of target customers, growing from SMB to enterprise
  • Fuel global expansion by facilitating international paid search efforts across 4 continents
The Results:
Improved average MQL volume from 39 to 553 per month
Improved CPA from an average of $5,597 to $332
Improved CPC by 50% and nearly tripled CTR
Reduced costs by decreasing sales investment by 605% while increasing closing rate by nearly 14%
Supported Venmo acquisition

A new multi-channel media program & go-to-market messaging put Heartland at the forefront to help SMBs navigate changing consumer habits.

The Ask:
  • Improve performance of demand gen programs
  • Increase market share with retail & restaurant businesses
  • Merge stand alone Point of Sale solutions and launch as cohesive product suite
The Actions:
  • Optimize existing Paid Search and Paid Social channels to work harder. Including keyword expansion, behavioral targeting, custom audience deployment, and robust 1:1 and lookalike modeling
  • Embark on new prospecting initiatives to become more visible to restaurant and retail targets at a broader scale
The Results:
above overall pro forma projections for MLQs
lower cost-per-lead than projected within Facebook Audience Network
148% above industry benchmark click-thru-rate performance for motion/rich media units
280% above estimated clicks for Paid Search

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